>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EVENT AMENITIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


During the gathering you will be offered:

Fresh running water
Many workshops
International speakers
Day / Night time Sound for 3 days
Be delighted by 4 Main stages

Main -Yellow StarGate Temple; SUN STAGE

2nd – Groove Temple; EARTH STAGE

3rd – FireTribe; MOON STAGE

4th – Sacred Geometry Conference; STAR STAGE

Each Stage will have own line up of featured Live Performance Acts
Including an array of genres
Atmospherics Decor & Lightings
Fire-Dance Artists / Theatre

~Thee Crafterbation Station; A Live Artist Circle
Live Craft Artisans; Painters, wide spectrum of art mediums, Crafterbations, and group / community / family art sessions.

~A few Tea Lounges
~Healing Container
~Theme camps, Renegade sound. . .

hosted throughout our 3 day home in the beautiful natural setting; As we are honored to partake in the practices of local and global tribes.

A centrally located Vendors, supplying a healthy variety of foods, and creative merchandise will be on site throughout the gathering. And ICE Cream Man. Additional food vendors will be added soon!

We are PRO-Family and PRO-Kids!
We will have a kids village on site complete with books, kid chairs, shade, snacks and art station.
We ask that all our community appreciate nurturing our future and being a positive example when around all children! Children Under 12 Years are in for Free

*We are providing a medical tent, staffed with competent Staff and volunteers around the clock all week/weekend long. It will be clearly marked and nearby the dance floor.
*In Case of EMERGENCY: Go directly to the Rejuvenation Station.*All walkie-talkie carrying Staff will be wearing a Yellow armband, do not hesitate to ask us for assistance if necessary.



Comments (2)

    We were a vendor at Contact in the desert over the weekend and heard about your wonderful event.
    Our products are based on sacred Geometry and are truly amazing. The line is
    called Moringa LIGHT ENERGY> It is derived from the anchient Moringa tree.
    We would like to be a vendor at your event and I personally promise you that you will be thrilled and proud that we were a part of it.
    Is there a number I call call to speak with you as the time is growing short……

    Sincerely Yours,
    Joel Gold

    PS you can call me at 760.774.1047 or email me at info@moringalightenergy.com
    Thank You

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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