“Together we will journey through southern Californian majestic high desert to foster and create sacred experiences.
Sharing ceremony and workshops;
Directed at, and dedicated to:

Empowering our Mother EARTH,
Receiving the pure light blessings of father SUN, Appreciating the love and respect of WE,
~ Their MOON children;
We unify and purify, our whole selves, raising the vibration to a greater sense of Knowing, Being, and of Harmonic Oneness.

Together we join in celebration of life!

Unite for a ceremonial timeless ritual, a soul loving experience & new and old tribal phenomena, featuring musicians of a wide variety of genres. Art on wide spectrums of multi medias of Crafters, Artesian Vendors, Culinary traditions, Family affairs, Community Wholeness and Spiritual connectivity.”

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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