<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CRAFTERBATION STATION; A Live Art Circle @ YSG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Thee intention as A Live Artist Circle;
To bring together on 1 platform, a very wide variety of differently applied mediums. This will your your space to truly get comfortable
~Live Artist Coordinations~

Cecilia Geovannaa Garciaa

~1st Assistant (Thing1)~


~2nd Assistant (Thing2)

Veda Simone


A confirmed Live Artist Line-up is available on the group page’s photo gallery for YSG,

Riiiight Here;


– Priscilla Franco Asturias (Live Painting)

– Tiffany Fabricious – (Live Paitning)

– Sky (Sorah Okami) @3baaadsheep


Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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