WhiteStarGate Jul 16 – Jul 17

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Hello beautiful Starseeds* We have a change of dates*!* This year we we’ll have the StarGate at Long Beach Love Fest*!* and it is free to get in***
we’ve been collaborating with Long beach Love fest and made a decision to bring the WhiteStarGate Which represents the Moon* in Long beach where allot of the dj”s including the Moon tribe dj’s performers and Andrew Ecker who has been conducting the ceremonies at the StarGate events will be there* thanks to Christa Lauer Everest* AKA Christa Galactica*!* and instead We will look for a fertile land to purchase and start permaculture* which has been the intention of the StarGate events from the Start*!*
We will be sharing more information soon*!* thank you all infinite Love for supporting the StarGate events* We hope to see you all at Long Beach Love fest*!*

circle of life event

StarGate presents the Circle of life* Friday, June 24 at 5 PM2 AM in PDT Downtown LA 

The address is 417 E. 15th st. Los Angeles CA. 90015 you can contact us at Thank you and hope to see you at the Circle of life**!* Blissful Cheers
Ticket are $10 till friday 4pm* $15 at the doer*

For the first time we are collaborating at the Undercurrent Industrial Complex in Los Angeles.

Native brothers Neotribal, “The Convergence Gathering” Andrew Ecker*

Sacred Space for drumming

Dance circles

Intuitive guidance

Sound healing with Jose Federico Munoz* Mayan calendar daykeeper at world peace crafts from Guatemala*

Yoga – fire dancers

 venders:kitchen serving Vegan and veggie food
Ash Tree*!* the awesome Chai kitchen
Corey Warren * WeCreaTe tribe* Crystals 

Within the Circle of life our world perceives different interpretations* and symbols:

symbolic interpretation of coming full circle(cycle) the Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating it’s own tail* the name originates from Greek language* often it symbolises Self-reflectivity, introspection cyclicality, and other things such the Phoenix which operate in cycles that begin a new as soon as they end*it can also represent the idea of primordial Unity* Erich Neumann writes of it as a representation of the Pre-Ego “dawn state, depicting the undifferentiated infancy experience of both mankind and the individual child*

 5 PM: one on one intuitive Guidance and sound healing by Andrew Ecker

7 PM: opening ceremony with Andrew Ecker and Jose Federico Munoz following Drumming dance circle*

8 PM: meditation duet*!* by AnnA Bliss and Andrew Ecker

9 PM: Yoga

10PM: Holliday :

11 PM: A SUN :

12 AM: Will Rise :

1 AM: Nikroma :

2 AM: Arturo Pedroza : Arturmusic ,

 StarGate Presents: Circle of life*

  BlueStarGate Summer Solstice June 19-23, 2014

 YellowStarGate Summer Solstice June 19-21, 2015

WhiteStarGate Jul 16 – Jul 17

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