Together we will journey through southern Californian Oak-wood Forests to foster and create sacred experiences.

Sharing ceremony and workshops;
Directed at, and dedicated to:

Empowering our Mother EARTH,
Receiving the pure light blessings of father SUN, Appreciating the love and respect of WE,
~ Their MOON children;
We unify and purify, our whole selves, raising the vibration to a greater sense of Knowing, Being, and of Harmonic Oneness. Together we join in celebration of life!

Unite for a ceremonial timeless ritual, a soul loving experience & new and old tribal phenomena, featuring musicians of a wide variety of genres.

DO art on wide spectrums of multi medias of Crafters, Artesian Vendors, Culinary traditions, Family affairs, Community Wholeness and Spiritual connectivity.

The Yellow Stargate is here to bring together beings from all walks of life in honor and celebration.

Let us each focus our efforts together to create a model of conscious living with the cycles of nature.

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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