WILLIAM CLOSE is proud to announce his latest touring troupe, William Close and the Earth Harp Collective. Featuring the Earth Harp at the center of the group and many other other signature instruments designed by Close, William and the Earth Harp Collective is the latest adventure in the innovator’s already outstanding career.

William’s work explores the connection between architecture and music.  Inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright quote “architecture is frozen music,” Close creates musical installations that use the architecture as part of the instrument. Some of Close’s other instruments include, The Drum Orb, The Percussion Jacket, The Aquatar, the Wing Harp, and The Drumbrella to name a few.


  Pronounced “Doe-Gone, The Dogon Lights  “Afro- galactic groove magma” from the Bay Area.   The Dogon Lights create a shamanic and energetic dance atmosphere that takes the listener straight to the stars.  Traditional skin and wood instruments are blended with electro hip hop beats and Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar with vocals in Spanish and African languages.

The Dogon Lights combine a blend of styles that is fresh and instantly recognizable. A blend of languages (Spanish, English, French, Wolof, Bambara etc) and instruments such as the Sintir and Guimbri from Morocco, the Kamale Ngoni, (similar to the Kora) from Mali and Burkina Faso, Calabash and Djembe of West Africa, with Electric Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer and Drums.  The word, “Dogon” comes from the Dogon people of Mali who believe they are from “the dog star” or Sirius.  The Dogon Lights have opened up for grammy winning artists Tinariwen from Mali as well as Bombino from Niger. Members have Performed with Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Rising Appalachia, The Mickey Hart Band, Hamsa Lila, Dirtwire and many others.


Osiris Indriya began developing his deep and driving sound in 1997. After 7 years playing bass guitar and low brass in school and garage bands, he found something unexpected in the bins of a local record store. The album was µ-Ziq vs. The Auteurs. It didn’t follow any of the standard rules of music in structure or sound. He was so intrigued, that he traded his bass for a MIDI keyboard and started recording electronic music on his own.

In 2001, Osiris teamed up with Michael Manahan (from Starseed) and Isis Indriya (from Seelie Court) to create The Oracle Gatherings – a series of 23 themed events based on a new original tarot deck ( For nine years, this series became an influential component of the West Coast “Tribal Underground” dance music culture by combining the experiences of cathartic dance, performance art, education, and the expressions of spirit. During this period, Osiris released his first full length album “Reach Within”, which included music written for Oracle Gatherings ritual performances.


  Refinery29 says, “[this girl’s] about to break, big time.” Perhaps this is one of those moments when you should believe the hype. After cutting her teeth as a DJ in NYC, Whitney Fierce joined Hercules and Love Affair as a vocalist and touring member. Shortly thereafter she sang their DJ Kicks single “Release Me.” Upon returning to LA Whitney reunited with her first love, DJing, and has produced her first solo EP which is being released on Rock It Science Laboratories. Fierce also laid down guest vocals on Subb-an’s new EP Vapour Trails on Crosstown Rebels, co-produced and did vocals on the lead single for Eric Sharp’s last RIS Labs EP “Wait Just Wait,” and has a string of collaborations in the works for the near future.

If you haven’t heard of Whitney Fierce yet, the coming months may prove her impossible to ignore. She has played for Dior in Paris, Nylon in New York, the Mayor in LA, and is New Order’s tour DJ. Fierce is also quickly racking up club and festival plays as the word spreads about her sophisticated style. On the decks, Fierce blends her background of classical musicianship with a powerful flair for the eccentric, bearing sexy bangers pumped-full with catharsis and a stylish humor that basks in the dance-floor madness. She is very proud to play non-shitty tunes, and is still stoked about not being universally hated. Also, important people say she’s cool (aaand that’s the point at which you should probably start questioning the hype.)


  Los Angeles DJ/Producer Jose Marquez’s musical influence is a result of being brought up on a stable diet of Latin and World Music. Always intrigued by electronic sounds, Jose’s mission has been to fuse his love of world rhythms with the dance floor. Jose indeed succeeded when he burst onto the scene in 2010 with memorable remixes & edits of artists such as Celia Cruz, Nina Simone, Oumou Sangare and many others


In the final hours of the year 2000, she met several artists who focused on expression through music events, performance, and intentional art. This inspired her to produce her own events as a member of Heartcore Productions, where she expanded on an interest in Feng Shui by designing environments that fostered the arts and creative connections. This experience led her to the positions of Altar Lead, creating sacred installations, and Ritual Performance Artist for the Oracle Gatherings ( Here she found a community where she felt supported and could develop as an artist with many talents. This is also, where she met her husband, Osiris Indriya. Chiyona has developed as a lead performance artist for the Future Nurses and regularly collaborates with Seattle artist and clothing designer Kiymbah Tytania. Together, they create themed performances combining fire dancing, elaborate costumes, and movement with messages of hope. Chiyona also performs regularly as an electronic music DJ at private events, festivals, and night clubs.


Dela’s sound spans a range that includes dreamy downtempo, funky… mid-tempo breaks, heavy dub-step, and groovy drum and bass. Dub, tribal, world, hip hop, and techno elements infuse her music, joining deep baselines and thundering bottom ends. Dela’s sets are a lyrical and psychedelic experience that reflect her resolute positivity and energy for life. Dela has been DJing since 1999 and is a resident of Southern California’s Moontribe Collective. Over the years, she’s had the good fortune of playing at events such as Lightning in a Bottle, the Shambhala Music Festival, The Great Convergence in Egypt, and with other Southern California crews like Green Sector, Electric Cocoon, and FireTribe. More mixes are available on the downloads page at:

“Be humble, for you are made of Earth. Be noble, for you are made of Stars.” Live in Love!


Terrakroma – has certainly carved out a niche in time with their unique playful sound. Andrew, Armando & Gabriel are the founders of the collective, their music is mainly composed of electronica that maintains a balance between organic and a synthesized sound, deep basses and a progressive electronic influence, very unique in its style, experimenting with an organic arrangement of psychedelic sounds. Terrakroma’s music has a wide range of influences and its reaching far and out, working with major labels and artists. You will find their music under Desertrax, ON&OFF Records, Open Records, Adapted Records, Horn and Hoofs Records.


TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is a musical and artistic multi-sensory adventure. They represent the cosmic force that penetrates our collective consciousness. It is a calling to break the binds, liberate the soul, emancipate the mind and embrace the passionate romance with the inner creative unknown. TV Broken 3rd Eye Open is a psychedelic explosion of eclectic jazz, funk, and a fusion of tribal sounds from around the world as well as deep within the cambers of the universal mind. With 4 main people playing instruments ranging from sitar to didgeridoo, harmonica to banjo and more; they break the spells of corporate culture and encourage new perspectives of the cosmic groove. They are responding to this call; a new dance, a new song, a new genre, a new dawn. Diving into the collective dream and keeping the creative evolution alive! FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW


Being a self-taught musician since the age of seven, Willy Electronarcosis started early in learning the fundamentals of music by exploring his passion through the mastery of drums, piano and guitar. Being exposed to what can arguably be called the beginning of the electronic music genre, Willy soon gravitated towards electronic music pioneers such as; Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, and Giorgio Moroder. As techno started to hit the states in the early nineties and the rave era began in Los Angeles, Willy was soon exposed to the electronic wizardry of musicians like; Orbital, Derrick May, Doc Martin, Steve Loria, Francois Kevorkian, Electric Skychurch, Moontribe Artists, and a long list of others. It was in this furnace of music and innovation that Willy’s love for techno was thus galvanized. After numerous events in both the deserts under the full moon and hundreds of inner city events, Willy soon found himself enamored with the spirit of the out door parties and the rampant tribal techno being played to the hardcore fans who braved the trek out into the lost highways to find the techno oasis. As the decade of the nineties began to near an end Willy began collecting techno and house vinyl in hopes he could soon rock a dance floor as he had been taught to in the deserts and warehouses of nineties L.A. From that point on, Willy Electronarcosis has followed his passion of music and has fast become one of the rising stars emerging from both the So-Cal and Nor-Cal underground dance scenes, meanwhile rising as well in international communities around the globe.


Jamaican Psychedelic Raggae Band

Bio Coming soon..


Blooming Fire is a family of seven best friends based in Los Angeles, collaborating on a music project unrestricted by genre. Besides bringing a groovy energy to the dance floor, they are on a mission to spread a message that encourages people to connect more deeply to Mother Earth. With a world sound their music creates a funky, soulful vibration that draws people in from all walks of life. They break it off with electronic dub heavy beats, live drums, tribal percussion and funky bass riffs. Layers of spacey synth frequencies, playful keyboard, saxophone and blues heavy guitar take you into a cosmic playground. On top of that madness they combine unique, poetic lyrics, intoxicating vocals, three part harmonies, hip hop flows, soulful melodies and a contagious passion that will leave you inspired to express yourself freely and bloom your fire!

“Diggin in the Dirt from this great Earth”


Growing up in New Britain, Connecticut, a Native of Washington Heights, New York, DJ EcKs started spinning alongside his Uncles with vinyl cuts of fresh Old School Hip Hop, learning to beat match on worn out belt driven turntables.

A child born of Dominican Natives, rooted in a family with long and deep ties to their home island, EcKs grew up listening to cultural traditions like Meringue, Salsa, and Latin Jazz. It was no surprise to learn at the age of 6, when he was handed the Trumpet, he excelled. Influenced by Miles Davis and Roy Ayers records, EcKs eventually grew to receive outstanding training and rewards for his efforts.

With a Mama moving and grooving to Disco through his childhood, his spinning was opened to a new genre, House. With DJs like Little Louie Vega, Masters at Work, Miguel Migs, and Mark Farina blowing up the scene, EcKs was moved to bring his island culture, smooth style and sexy energy to the table.

Not big on scratching, EcKs blends beats seamlessly to keep your body moving non stop. He pays attention to the energy flow of his crowd as he pushes to provide an electric ambiance, as well as spiritual movement.


Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Blackass Ringleader has been subjected to all forms of art and music. And with terrain such as the entire South Western United States, he has had plenty of room to spread his wings. With so much to choose from his influences have become very well rounded. From the mountains to the ocean, from the deserts to the cities, Blackass has done nothing but devote his life to absorbing his awesome surroundings and return them to the earth and good people of the world through his heart and fingertips. With a backbone made of 30 years on the drums, 20 years on the TurnTables and an entire life of self expression through art, surfing and skateboarding, Blackass has taken his talents not only around the United States but to countries such as Japan, France, Spain, Canada and Mexico.

His taste in music certainly shows where he has been and his skills definitely show how long. Although he rolls with no affiliations, his dearest friends and family tribes such as ElectriCocoon, Terrakroma, Moontribe, Greensector, Psytribe, Bramble Republic, Real Eyes and Electronarcosis, have all shown him love and comfort enabling him to fly free in his wishes to bring people together to celebrate “in the moment art”. His life mantra is from the words of Buddha:

“The work is to discover your world and then with all of your heart, give yourself to it”…


Ben Annand has been a mover and shaker in the house and techno scene in Los Angeles since he first started djing in 1996. He holds dj residencies at 3 of California’s top parties – Tropical and Moontribe in the L.A. area, and Forward in San Francisco. He has played in most major U.S cities, and internationally in Japan, Russia, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Ecuador, and Mexico. Highlights include Wiggle at Fabric in London, 2 times at Labyrinth Festival in Japan, and 14 visits to Moscow’s Propaganda Club.


Brad was born a music lover. By high school he was DJing backyard parties in Long Beach and had already become addicted to the latest 12″ vinyl releases. His love and passion for cutting edge electronic music has not abated since that time.

Now a veteran of the West Coast rave community since 1992, Brad continues to perform regularly in the U.S. and Canada. His interest in the environment, yoga, and his philosophical nature are conveyed in his musical choices. He can energize any crowd with his seamless mixing, whether in a warehouse, intimate club, or out in the open desert. Brad defies classification by experimenting with a variety of musical genres, often cutting between techno, minimal, tribal, progressive, acid house, and breaks. He blends many intricate soundscapes to create the flow and funkiness that is essential Brad. His eclectic mixes take the listener on a musical journey where time and space seem to disappear. Using the language of music to unite and celebrate the earth and humanity is Brad’s goal. Brad has been a resident DJ with Southern California’s legendary Moontribe Collective since 1996.


For the past 22 years Matt Xavier has amassed an extensive collection of deep psychedelic house and trippy hypnotic techno. In the early 1990’s Matt founded New York City’s first goa/psytrance company, Tsunami Productions, where he served as resident DJ and music director until the turn of the millennium. After retiring the format he began producing house and techno under the moniker “Gruvhaus”, with releases & remixes appearing on such labels as Fabric, Release Records, Polyester Music, Fugu and Chug Records. In 2005 Matt founded the internationally acclaimed techno label Railyard Recordings, who attracted such talents as Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano, Donato Dozzy, Adultnapper, Voyager and others. Since his 2003 arrival in Los Angeles, Matt has been resident DJ at Subtract Music, Compression and $2 Tuesday’s as well as performed at such notable events/venues as Moontribe, Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Giant, Spundae, Avalon, Vanguard, Circus Disco and King King Hollywood.


Label administrator and resident DJ of Zero One Music, Brian Sentient hails from Los Angeles, California, where he has been one of the top psytrance DJs for many years, starting out in San Francisco at the turn of the millennium. Since then, he has been deeply involved in the psychedelic trance community of California, and has also brought his DJing to a global audience, playing at festivals such as Montreal’s Eclipse, Brazil’s Universo Paralello, and the infamous Burning Man festival. In 2012 he is booked to play at some of the biggest festivals of the year, including Universo again, the Origin Festival in South Africa, Ozora Festival in Hungary and the Boom Festival in Portugal. He joined with Spun Records in 2010, and released his first compilation, “Be Spun”, which had some of the biggest dance floor tracks of the year. Now joining forces with the rest of the Zero One crew, he’s ready to rock the world with amazing new music.


Spyros aka Spyros Mallas based in Los Angeles, has been an influential figure in California’s electronic music scene for over 15 years. Following his inspiration to create events based on the concept of the global trance culture, he co-founded Psytribe in 1997, who were responsible for pioneering the standard of quality psychedelic trance music in California. His versatile DJ sets ranging from Psy- Trance, Progressive to Minimal and Techno have landed him to play at premier global electronic music festivals such as Universo Parallelo in Brazil, Orb Festival in New York, Burning Man in Nevada, Symbiosis Gathering, Serenity Gathering and Moontribe in California, and at numerous West Coast events. Catch him play at a festival near you.


2 decades developing his own unique approach to Psychedelic music, Seamlessly melding genres such as Techno, Minimal, Zenonesque, Breaks, Psy-Dub, Glitch, Mid-tempo, Downtempo, No Telling where he will go with the sound always pushing limits. Focusing on a sound thats diverse, refreshingly experimental, yet accessible and dance floor friendly at the same time..

His tracks and dj sets now consist of creaking psychedelic sound effects, beautifully flowing soundscape design. Deep, intricate bass lines, tribal influenced beats Within realms of twisted delicacy and complexity, spiced and layered with a colour wheel of bold structures…

The leading influence of the music dynamically spearheads along a forward-moving groove, and there is so much space between the notes that the invitation to internally engage is simply irresistible. For all the richness in the sound, it is profoundly spare, as well as jam packed with mindful and content. A blessing experience on the dance floor, full of details and cutting edge drive simply called by him as Intelligent Music..


Musashi was born in the shadows of the underground parties of Rotunda Sound System. He was given this name by a random traveler (A Nazukeoya) who looked at him and told him his Japanese name was Musashi. As He did research on Musashi he discovered the book of the 5 rings. After reading the book he noticed the similarities of the art of strategy, with the art of music production. With that he accepted that name and made a vow to make the world dance to his rhythm. He is a dancer so he play for the dancers. If he like the drums, he buys the track, no matter what style it is. He loves House Music and has been in the scene for over 20 years but could never get into DJing. Then he met Toshi, Idai, Hiromat. They Changed his life forever. House music is even better outdoors and he will always be thankful to them for taking him out of the club environment and getting me back in-tune with nature.


Vice Squad is 2 guys influenced by 2 great cities that pioneered a new dance revolution who’s history with electronic music needs no introduction, Chicago & Detroit. Born in a generation inspired by drum machines and synthesizers giving birth to a decade where retro and 80s electro pop created a music scene like no other. Growing up listening to bands such as Depeche Mode & Duran Duran began to set an influential stage ignited by classic house hold names & dance music pioneers such as Ron Hardi, Gorgio Moroder, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Frankie Knuckles, K Alexi, & Daft Punk. More than 30 years experience between them, Luis Rosario & Rayn Emerson are Vice Squad, a hot addition to the global dance culture bringing it back and keeping it real!


Mr Ruxpen has been moving through the ranks of San Diego’s underground music scene for the last decade. Known for his “sweet and salty, light and dark” twist in any genre. He has earned the respect of San Diego’s elite DJs and promoters as a sound engineer by trade and a DJ by night. Mr Ruxpen has been working behind the scenes with top acts and huge productions for the past 20 years, which has enabled him to be inspired and schooled by the best in the biz. Known to freestyle and cross many genres in one set, don’t be surprised to hear amazing tracks from breaks, to drum n bass, from indie to fidget to techouse and beyond..


Bass Mechanic. FUNK THE SYSTEM! As a San Diego favorite for over 14 years, Brian Porterfield aka BASSMECHANIC, began his musical journey in 1996 playing Trance and House music as Brian Porterfield along side Djs: Christopher Lawance, Sandra Colins, Thomas Michael, RITM, De La Soul, Derrick Carter, HiE, HALO, Jackal, J-break, Dj Icey and DJ Fixx to name a few. In 2001 D&B caught his ear, and he began to incorporate this new sound into his sets, effectively bringing D&B to a new audience. In 2004 BASSMECHANIC (Brian Porterfield’s D&B, Break Beat, Electro, DubStep alter ego) came to be. In 2009 he produced FUNK THE SYSTEM! a monthly event in San Diego dedicated to the Heavy weight sound of BREAKS, ELECTRO and DUBSTEP. Featuring artists such as Uberzone, Bassbin Twins, Excision, Datsik, Subvert, An-ten-nae, Dieselboy, Oscure to name a few. BASSMECHANIC has been playing his brand of Breaks, Electro and Dubstep fusion that’s become recognized throughout Southern California and abroad. Hard, funky, bottom heavy, facemeltin’ Breaktrostep.


Raised to the sound of 88 keys played by his Mother, a Certified Classical Pianist, Adia Break spent his days and balmy nights in the Miami heat soaking up the robust music scene. Exploring the city earned him a rich exposure to a diverse collective of music. From his Aunt’s love of rock and roll, jazz, and soul, to the complex rhythms of street salsa, afro-cuban, and flamenco guitar melodies, a cultural tapestry of musical elements is tightly woven into Adia’s style. Tinkering and fine-tuning industry headphones by day, then dropping grindy, beat grenades in the wake of unsuspecting crowds by night, he’s been known to pied-piper lost souls straight into/onto the pulsing dance floor. With a current focus on music production,

Björn Dub

One fateful night while the dubstep gods were on their thrones of drum and bass, they decided to send a son to the world. He was considered a savior of dubstep for the people on planet earth. They took all the key ingredients: dub, grime, trap, house, glitch, DnB, bass, psy, breaks and anything else imagined. Stuck it into a cauldron of bass and emerged the messiah of dubstep… Björn dub.


Michael Mannino, Also known as Divinity Music- fuses beautiful bass music with psychedelic grooves with no bounderies on tempo or styles. Sets are designed to take you on a journey of intentional progression with climactic build ups and break downs, seamlessly transforming from one style to another.


Adam Ovoid has been crafting a name for him self in the northwest underground bass music family for some time now. With influences such as Pink Floyd, Sleep, Kalya Scintilla, Sixis, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and many more, Ovoid aims to bring a conscious and thought provoking set to each and every performance.


David Parker has been the muse and organizer behind Mycelium Music since it’s inception. Appreciative of many forms of music, David has been supporting an intriguing array of artists spanning genres and borders but still connected by a Mycelial thread. The Mycelium Music record label will see the release of its sixth nonprofit compilation the same weekend of Yellow Stargate. This compilation celebrates the solstice and offers its proceeds to Amazon Mycorenewal Project.



Dissociative-trance & séance sessions.




Earth Child & Warrior of Light. Keeping it primal, tribal, and from our roots.Inspiration from:Rainbow Family of Living Light, FireTribe Family of Southern California, Moontribe Collective. All the tribal cultures around the world.

Growing up in the forest of Southern California, James found a connection with his tribal roots early in life. Inspired by nature and the tribal cultures from around the world, he brings us back in time and connects us to our past.




Asteroids and Earthquakes is an LA based musician whose main goal is to grow as an interesting and captivating producer, always aiming to stretch what can be done sonically and compositionally. Recently he has made the long haul from Boston to further his career in sound design as well as getting involved in the west coast music scene. By blending manipulated field recordings with experimental synthesis and turning a blind eye to the everyday arrangement, Asteroids and Earthquakes creates a unique and expressive experience for a wide array of listeners.

::::::::::::>>>>>>>PHASE 2 LINE UP<<<<<<<::::::::::::::::::


Dre grew up in the woods of Southern Ohio and began DJing in 1996. Inspired by the Mojave Desert psychedelic techno scene, Dre Morningstar seeks to unite organic and ethnic-inspired elements with precision machinery in order to produce a fully adaptable hybrid sound. Deep forest and high desert hold equal measure in his inspiration. His music selection spans from downtempo through house, techno, and psychedelic progressive sounds.






Dylan Anthony, is a Producer and DJ based out of Eugene Oregon. He creates and performs tribal tech-house, hypnotic techno, soulful deep house & dirty funky house all with live sequenced beats weaving everything together.

Dylan started his career as a DJ in the underground rave scene in the late 1990s in Washington D.C. covering various styles and genres with a focus on House music, Dylan began creating his own house and hypnotic techno tracks in 2010, molding his vision into a club sound that fits as well in theaters and festivals as it does on dance floors.

With a double length album released on Soundcloud, Dylan is one of the pioneers of the new techno sound coming from the west coast of America. Dylan has been engaged in the underground festival scene in Southern California. Contributing DJ booth designs and other artistic projects.

Dylan Anthony is the name to look for when reading the line up for the west coast festivals in America. You can expect to find him on every line up with Electric Cocoon in So-Cal and Sonic Boom Music in Eugene Or.


Multi-instrumentalist collaboration. Blue Sun Electric improvises a live blend of certified organic tones with the electrified sounds from analog drum machines, synthesizers, loopers, and effects boxes. A duo with history playing bonefied punk rock music turned psychedelic-blues freak show, now venture to new areas of sound. For one year BSE has been playing small festivals and gatherings in Southern California and have also been recording and rehearsing material for an album to be released soon, so keep your eyes, ears, and mind open ! **



William started as a DJ at age 17 learning on Technique 1200’s , Including working for House of style, Eternal youth & also mixing and working a collection of events and music festivals over the years.

Whether it’s behind the turntables or in the Studio, William David likes versatile, techno infused tracks with room for deep elements as well as pure dance-floor work. His style is warm and subtle but at the same time very energetic.

Having been influenced by those various styles within the last decade of DJ‘ing, 1981 born, William has today a huge musical background which he uses for his productions as well as for his DJ-Sets: They are always unique.




Los Angeles Hip Hop DJ, experimental sets… Future Emo Bass Music, Reggae and Juke


Djnc Odie started djing in 1989 until 2004 where he moved to a secret island to play there until 2014. NOW BACK IN L.A.Djnc Odie has played all over the US West Coast in places like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Philadelphia(East Coast) and arizona only at the best desert/forest/ beach gatherings. Spinning such events as Fullmoon Norcal Moonshine Norcal, Moon Phase Vegas ElectriCocoon socal desert. NeoTribal Arizona and many more.


Hunter Starkings’ style draws from an eclectic mix of influences, from hip hop, to krautrock, to more abstract, psychedelic concepts. First picking up the guitar at age 3, he studied music theory through jazz and classical guitar extensively for the next 15 years. Throughout his teens he played in psychedelic rock, metal, punk bands. Finding it difficult to find dedicated musicians to make music with, he found boundless creative freedom in producing, experimental hip hop, downtempo, and house music. Inspired by experiences in the desert, his psychedelic, often glitchy and off-kilter beats take more from IDM, jazz, math rock and industrial music than traditional dance music, and can go from dark, moody psychedelia to playful, bongo driven grooves, often within the same track.


Traveling monthly up to California for desert gatherings, and spending summers at festivals, Davoid attuned his musical taste to that of the underground house world which drew his focus to the deeper side of house music. Inspired heavily by producers like Mark Farina, Sonny Fodera, DAVI, Huxley, Hot Since 82, NiCe7, Booka Shade, Kolombo, Justin Martin, Dusky and countless others Davoid plays with a range of sub genres of deep house – always drawing on melodic and vocal elements in his track selection, Davoid beckons audiences to join him on an adventure through the many worlds of deep house music.


DJ Ari Miller & DJ Erez Leshem met at Burning Man 2013. After playing side by side at their camp, Ari & Erez decided to collaborate in Producing a few original tracks inspired by their experience. A few months later, Ari & Erez decided to create the DJ Duo; “Wild Boar Moon”.

After releasing some of their unique sound, Through the social networks, Wild Boar Moon got picked up by a London radio station (In House Radio) and played a weekly weekend show “Dark & Tender” identified by its dark and sexy undertone while combining the genres of Melodic techno, Deep House and Tech House.

Today, Wild Boar Moon’s performances combine their unique musical approach and experience while utilizing the latest DJ & Music equipment. Wild Boor Moon’s sets and performances are enjoyed by the festival & party scene throughout California and fans worldwide.


Piepshow is the alias for LA-based DJ and producer Pierre Lalague. His funhouse style combines house and techno with the sounds of folk, world, and cinematic music. Since moving to LA in early 2014, Piepshow has become the newest resident DJ for Terrakroma. He works with Terrakroma to host and support emerging headliners from overseas, often for their first performances in the US. He has shared the stage with acts such as Stereo Express, Be Svendsen, and Matchy&Bott. He is hard at work on original solo productions as well as collaborations with The Bellhop.





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