Grounds camping info. TBA.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WHAT TO BRING?>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Essential Packing List

-Air Mattress or other soft surfaces including pillows and warm blankets for night.
-Shade over your tent and shared spaces.
-Trash and recycling bags
-Drink lots of water! Keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of dehydration (The Symptoms of Dehydration)
-Sunscreen, Lip balm w/ sun protection
-Personal toiletries – toothbrush, tooth paste, feminine products, towel, etc.
-Baby wipes are a good substitute for a shower (remember, pack it in pack it out!)
-Hand sanitizer
-Extra Contact lenses, and eye drops
-Aloe in case you get burned
-Allergy medication / Prescription medication
-Hats and sunglasses
-Cool clothes for the day – long sleeve cotton to block the sun
-Scarves and bandanas (great when dipped in cold water)
-Warm clothes for the night
-Comfy shoes and sandals
-Costumes and fun outfits.
-Reusable water bottle/canteen, cups, plates, and utensils, etc.
-Trash/recycling bags
-Biodegradable soap
-Propane/Solar/Hydrogen/Love powered stove
-Your favorite foods (Options, we will have tons of yummy food vendors onsite)
-Flash light / headlamp
-Camera (label it with your name and contact info)
-Trash and recycling bags
-Gloves, tape, rope, zip ties, etc.
-Stakes to secure your tent and shade structure to the ground

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