The Chihuahua Valley,

_______ The Spirituality of Our Valley in Warner Springs_______
Here in the Chihuahua Valley, High above the City of Warner Springs rest a Graceful and Tranquil Land Mass Called the 95’. This privately owned Estate Recreational Area is Outlined with Naturally Groomed Trail Roads, Hidden alcoves, and a two acre Concert and Stage Show Area.
~ Enter into the YellowStarGate, this Musical Celebration has a but one Purpose and Intent, -Solely to Rejuvenate the Hearts of Every Spiritually Active Earth-Bound-Soul in Attendance by reaching out to all Sprit Minded Naturalists from Anywhere & Everywhere in joining with us, and in Sharing the Celebration of our Earth Sprits in Fellowship.
~ Share your Light of Love for the Earth while your Sprit Replenishes your Body and your Soul. This Summer Solstice Concert & Entertainment Event, Sponsored by; Different Drum Arts & Wellness, May be the Most Dynamically Expressive and Spiritually Eventful Joining of People ever Seen here in Southern California thus far . . . .
~ A Remarkable Energy can be felt here in the Valley. A Peaceful feeling of Contentment would be one way to describe it, another would be a Feeling of Joy and of Belonging to a Place with an Ancient History Holding many Secretes within this Sacred and Exclusive Valley. Simply just standing between the mighty old oak trees, and the Grander of the Blue Ice High Chaparrals, is when most People who Visit our Valley may remark, “What is that? –This Place Feels Kinda Different Somehow”. . . / “I was wound up as tight as a spring when I got here, and Now 10 Minutes later I’m Relaxed. How? . . . .” / It must be the Clean Mountain Air, Yea, That’s it, but there’s something else too, but I can’t put my figure on it just yet? . . .
~ Here’s a Hint of What it is . . .Countless Millions and Millions of Years ago this Valley wasn’t a Valley at all, but was in fact was an active and Powerful Volcano! This Entire Valley, at its longest point of over 46 Miles from our North West Mountain Ridges to Spizzeri Ranch’s Thunder Mountain at the 95’ and beyond into the lower BLM Land to the South East was sculpted then as you see it now. This Valley was then known as a “SHEILD VOLCANO” -When erupted, over Ga-Zillions of Tons of Massive Boulders and Hot Lava where then spewed for Hundreds and Hundreds of Miles towards the West and to the North like they were tiny little Bread Crumps, simply wised away from a Baker’s cutting board in a matter of less than a few Days. . .
~ Did God Leave a Gift for Us? I Kinda Think So . . .What Remained are vast amounts of Crystals, Tourmaline and other various types of Valuable Gemstones. As you explore Thunder Mountain at the 95’ you will find it literally laying around at your feet. These Natural Gem Stones many believe to carry the Power to Replenish the Sprit, Mend the Wounds of the Soul, and in Freeing the Heart from Stress, Pain and Loss. . .http://www.mindat.org/locchem-208117.html

~ From Jim Spitzer, General Manager at the Spizzeri Ranch

Chihuahua Valley, Warner Springs District, San Diego Co., California, USA : <b>Setting:</b> Chihuahua…

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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