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Woodardville Ranch
Chicago Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92307


ElectriCocoon and YellowStargate have been working closely with Spizzeri Ranch for the last three months, as well as the local County, Sheriff’s Office, and the community of Warner Springs. Yet, due to a recent shocking tragedy that occurred in the community and left many of the neighbors grieving and some of them unreceptive to a local festival at this time, we have decided to relocate to our beautiful private location in Apple Valley to avoid potential conflict. This experience has been both bittersweet and an opportunity to create a safe & secure oasis at the edge of the high desert, not too far from either Los Angeles or San Diego.
We are extremely excited to share the epic surprises that will make this experience one very comfortable, wet & wild explosion of well-shaded delicious ice-misted dance floors to beat the heat, wonderful workshops, delicious food & beverage vendors, and of course the sweetest musical beats and artistic treats!!!
With the help of the grandmasters of design for the Ozora Festival in Hungary, Global Village Design (http://www.globalvillageproductions.co.uk/) is tag-teaming with the incredible Symbiotic Creations (http://symbioticcreations.net/) for the first time ever, both grandmaster crews of decor and design will take us to a dazzling dimension previously unknown to even them.
Come together…Right now…..Over the YellowStarGate!!!
We are throwing every amazing thing and your grandmothers sink into this event!!

Global Village Productions
Global Village Productions – events design and production studio, based in england uk. Designing and decorating festivals and concerts, in London, UK, Europe, USA, Morocco, South Africa, Hungary, France…

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