The idea came to me (Haig Khatchikian) after the experience at the occupy movement, seeing that we cannot fight against the system that we have created collectively, but we can create a new one which is the way of our ancestors.  Socrates said “The Secret for Change is to focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old but building the New”.  When I shared my thoughts with my friends about purchasing property and starting a sustainable community & growing organic food, they were happy and told me that they would come to my land and farm with me, but that didn’t sound right to me. I wanted to hear them use the words “our land”. With this came the idea to put an event together and with all the profits, purchase land and start an eco-village for the purpose of permaculture and a community building, based on bartering, gifting & various ways of energy exchange.  The law of the Trinity. %33.3

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What is permaculture? In 1978 Bill Morison and his then student David Holmgren came up with the word which is a contraction of permanent – agriculture. Their first book which is an idea of a totally integrated design system that’s modeled on nature. If you design your garden or farm like a natural system, you can save yourself a lot of work, save energy and eliminate waste. The ultimate purpose of permaculture is to develop a site until it consistently and sustainably meets all the needs of its inhabitants; including food, shelter, fuel, energy, health, and entertainment.

permaculture-organic-farm It’s time to include the Animal Kingdom into the community. After recieving the vision of building the Noah’s Ark as a center stage, the idea came to me to bring a well cared for animal sanctuary to the event. We will include sheep, goat, pig, duck and more. I realized that most people are into either cats  “representing the female aspect” and/or Dogs “representing the male aspect” which exist in Duality. Between You and I exists the Animal and Plant kingdom which includes all animals, the Trees, Flowers and Food. We’ve been misusing our own creation which is why we’re seeing the imbalance of the environment. It is time to re-connect with Nature, including all animals, to bring back the Balance life is meant to be about…


newmember Everyone who participates will be the caretakers of the land. Which means that together we will take care of the land, ourselves, and each other.  Anyone who wishes to hurt the land, themselves or others will be made to leave, until ready to co create a new paradigm.

Everyone who contributes and takes care of the land will be able to stay on the land permanently as the Guardians of the land. We will begin building a tribal and balanced artistic and musical community. There will be 12 council members chosen by the community, and meetings will be held around a round table, which is called” The Balanced Table.” The thirteenth is in the center which connects all our energy to the source when we are all together. There will be the Watchers of the land, Firekeepers, and more! There is so much we need to discuss in order to figure out what all are the actual proper steps.  We will co-create and re-create this vision collectively until we have a system that is conductive to our growing, healthy, thriving, and successful collective community. Our first community meetings will commence soon…

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