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Drumming Sounds is a full service wellness and recreational musical events company. The Drumming Sounds team is all about the people we serve for us it is about holding the space for individual to explore their role in the community to give license and empowerment to create a vehicle where demographics fade and people connect. We change communities and bring people together and we can do it for your business, family, church organization or friends. If you are ready to see what your group can do with an environment that promotes the individual and at the same time places the importance of cooperation without competition then you are ready for Drumming Sounds.
If its wellness, entertainment, team building or corporate culture creation these principles guide our intention and provoke our work we are able and ready to serve.

Drumming Sounds


Christine Annais Serpentine


Soul Full is a place created by Christine Annais Serpentine. She first started this as a way to share her healing art and spread awareness to others by reflecting light and love and knowledge she has accumulated and has turned into an art she practices in hopes of helping others. She is from San Diego, CA. Christine Annais has brought Soul Full to Serenity Gathering with The Bridge Family and hopes to spread her love and light at more gatherings.

Christine Annais applies various modalities from western to eastern traditions such as: Deep tissue, swedish massage, thai, shiatsu ( a concept based on energetic meridians in the body and the 5 elements water, wood, fire, earth and metal), accupreasure. tui na ( pressure massage on energetic meridians of the body), astrology, dream work, animal totem medicine,spiritual healing (through guided meditations) herbal remedies, mild hypnotherapy and attuned to Reiki 1 and 2.

She accumulated this information by reading, shamanic mentors and attending Healing Hands school of holistic health. She intends on furthering her practice and learning more on subjects that could enhance her practice.

She supports all artist, musicians, healers and builders and looks to collaborate and co- create because as a community we thrive and learn the most. In hopes of bringing back forgotten knowledge, practice and the power of love through various channels and form of expression.

Her intention is to help facilitate the essence of Soul Full, because when we are fully connected to our selves and higher self our soul is full and at this point we can realize our creative and infinite potential and help others though the collective transformation.  Then we can be one with the power of love.


Legions of Light – Holistic Healing



Hello! We are Victory and Napoleon, We founded Legions of Light in 2003. Since then, we have blossomed into a society of conscious living. We are founded on self expression, love, respect, compassion, and understanding.


We are trained Reiki masters AND seasoned Medicine man and Medicine Woman . My career began 10 years ago when I decided I wanted to help people transform their lives and heal their ailments. I then had many questions about becoming a healer, so I started training others to my healing methods. My practice has had 100% satisfaction since the first client in 2003.

We focus on a combination of holistic healing methods such as Reiki, shamanism, sound therapy, quantum healing and crystal healing through hands-on experience, meditation and education of self-awareness, and our impact on society. We hold our foundation on love and gratitude.

We heal everything, whether it’s a physical ailment, a struggle with depression or anxiety, or you are simply looking for the right direction to go in. We address and recognize each issue and create a personalized healing method for each individual.


Erica Winterhaler, Ph.D. is a Soul Energy Inspirationalist. She practices as a holistic doctor and spiritual catalyst to upshift you into the wisdom of your Soul. That sacred space of awareness and self-love is where you will find your fullest expression in this life. Erica’s extensive Metaphysical background is empowered by the philosophy and practice of yoga and the use of plant medicine to stimulate the body and mind’s natural healing capabilities. Her self-healing activation will help you to first understand then relieve physical, mental, and emotional trauma, suffering, and dis-ease. This openhearted integration of mind, body, and soul will help you achieve optimal well being. Her conscious connection with nature and her understanding of our biological unity with the Earth’s elements supports personal transformation to a refined inner state of simplicity, beauty and order. The result is self-esteem and radical self-empowerment creating a change in one’s perception of life. Erica’s practice of mindful living imbues her with a powerful and healing quality of energy. Erica is a love revolutionary and believes that at your core, you know you deserve the best in life. Her mission is to inspire you into the heightened love vibration of your heart and hold you accountable to the high standards of your Soul so that you live a purposeful and fulfilled life. Erica has her doctoral degree in Metaphysical studies and is trained and certified as a Spiritual Counselor and Holistic Life Coach. She is also certified in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Her work includes Emotional Release, Raindrop Technique, Reiki, Pregnancy Reiki, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, breath work and meditation.

Workshop Description:
Journey more deeply into the magical crystalline lands of The Yellow Stargate. In this adventure, we take time to feel the pulsing energy of the plants, soil, air, minerals, space and sunlight, riding the waves of the elemental energies flowing through and around us. We will explore our interconnectedness with all of life as we furrow into the deep rich magical lands of our being to open-heartedly sync into our natural biorhythm. This conscious connection will create a fertile inner space to plant our intentions. As we activate the frequency of Spirit, our seeds will be nourished and sprout us into greater awareness and appreciation of our own self and the life we create that surrounds us. Integrated and celebrated, we will embody ourselves as the splendid bright energy of love.

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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