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Join our team!
apply for a Work for your Ticket (Volunteer) Opportunity.


Are there still work-trade positions available?

Yes! Please feel free to APPLY HERE for our Work for Your Ticket Program. Applicants will be notified of their approval status after submitting their request and purchasing their ticket.


Do I have to buy a ticket?

Yes, buy your ticket! All volunteers first buy a ticket and are then reimbursed, provided you turn up for ALL of your shifts. If you don’t complete all of your shifts you don’t get reimbursed. We know this sounds tough but unfortunately we’ve got to take measures to try to ensure that everyone shows up and all the hard work required to pull off an event like this gets done with a balance of ease and grace.


How many hours will I have to work-trade?

Each volunteer needs to complete approx. 24 hours for their ticket. Those completing shifts only Pre and Post event are requested to work a few more in the interests of fairness to those giving up time during the event (approx. 27-30 hours). There’s no exceptions to this regardless of what you paid for pre-sale, so the sooner you get your ticket the less it will cost.


What do I get for my Work-Trade?

In addition to getting to witness the workings of a festival, each volunteer will receive -20$ their ticket, water, and a meal voucher for each shift worked. We will do our best to schedule at least one day with no work commitments so that you can take advantage of the many activities, workshops and entertainment available.


Can I choose which shifts I work?

We’ll give you the opportunity to provide us with your preferences for shift work, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll get your first choice. We plan to have the shifts scheduled in advance so that you can make arrangements to be available.


When do I need to arrive for my shift?:

All crew will need to be checked in before your first shift and to accommodate this we ask that you arrive at the Volunteers hut 45 mins before your first shift to register, complete your paperwork and be inducted to site. This will give you the opportunity to meet your manager and team, and get a clear image of the site and procedures.


Will I be accommodated as a volunteer?

No. All volunteers are required to sort out their own accommodation for their time on site. It’s going to be seriously hot and seriously sunny (we think!) so make sure you’ve got a good setup and plenty of shade.


What do I need to bring?

Everything and anything to stay cool! You’ll want hats and long sleeved cotton shirts to protect you from the sun, especially when you’re working. If you’re on site during the build or clean up phases you’ll also need closed toed work shoes. Without these you won’t be allowed on site – Occupational Health and Safety Rules apply.
You should also bring:
Everything and anything else you can imagine wanting during a HOT week of work and play!!


Is there an age limit for volunteers?

No! We encourage the whole family to join in the fun of assisting us to create a beautiful event for all to enjoy. Remember, Children under age 12 are given FREE admission.


How are applicants selected?

We select volunteers based on a number of criteria, including availability, skills, interest, enthusiasm, and experience. We may also have a quick phone conversation with you to determine the best fit.


How many positions are available?

We expect to utilize up to 50 positions.


I applied ages ago. Why haven’t I heard yet?

Yes, we know and we fully appreciate your patience. We have Lots of applications to process, and to find the perfect role for each person takes time. We’ll let you know as soon as we can! We will be in touch with info updates, application approvals, scheduling and all other requirements.  Applicants will be notified of their status no later than  June 11th.


What is the impact fee?

There is a ($20) non-refundable impact fee to pay if you are selected to volunteer. This fee covers some of the basic costs of being on the land, such as rent, food, water, and sanitation. We know that emergencies do arise and will do our best to work with you – just please be in touch with the volunteer coordinator so that we can make sure all of our shifts are covered.


All volunteers will need to:

Sign On and Off for your shifts with the Volunteers Hut 15 mins before the shift begins. If you don’t do so your attendance will not be registered and you won’t be recorded as having completed your shift because we won’t know that you did! This will mean you will not receive your reimbursement at the end of the event.
Report to the area manager as advised on arrival for your first shift.


Are there any other requirements?

Yes, all volunteer crew are required to communicate with their crew leader before the festival, and attend a brief orientation onsite (date and time tbs by crew leader).
All volunteers are encouraged to carpool or ride-share. A parking pass will be required for all vehicles, so if you desire to reduce your cost, carpool! Please help us to lessen our impact on the environment and limit the number of cars by carpooling or ride-sharing.


Can I change my application?
If you have info you wish to change or add on your application, please email the Volunteer coordinator –


If you’ve read all of these FAQs and still don’t have your question answered send an email and I’ll respond within 3-5 days.


We require everyone to buy a ticket up front. You will then be paid upon completion of your shifts at the festival.
A reminder to purchase will be sent with your confirmation of shifts in June, but if you want to be sure to get one no matter what, jump on to Eventbrite to get yours ASAP.

If you choose to participate during the event, you will be required to complete a work exchange of 15-18 hours of work over 3 days (3 shifts of 5-6 hours each — One shift per day unless otherwise specified). If you are chosen to participate before or after the event, you will be required to complete a work exchange of 27 hours of work before or after the event (3 days, 9 hours, with meals and camping included).

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!