>>>>>>>>GUIDANCE RULES FOR YSG<<<<<<<<


We expressly state that all of our events are Leave NO Trace, and it is our intention to Leave It Better than we found it.

We enter into nature with appreciation and humility. Respecting the land we are granted to share these experiences is of utmost importance. We are visitors on this Planet, and it is critical to understand that our presence DOES impact the ecology. Our actions and choices determine whether that impact is in harmony with nature, or not. Let’s make Balanced Evolution the name of the game and discover how to lessen our footprints.

*PACK IN/PACK OUT: Everything you bring with you onto the Mountain must also leave with you. Luckily we are providing recycling bins for cans and plastic ONLY. Bring extra garbage bags, and leave space in your car for full trash bags.

*CIGARETTE BUTTS: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring a small container (box, mini m&ms, etc) and put all spent cigarettes into said container than back into your pocket. Cigarette butts are toxic to the environment. If you smoke, take responsibility and do not force your friends to pick up after you.

*ALTARS/STACKS: Please mind the altar space and do not place bottles/cans/etc onto them. The SPEAKERS are NOT a table, do NOT rest any drinks on them.

*The dance floor is not a wasteland.. Please take ALL trash you see off the grounds areas. Thank You!

Welcome, & Thank You For Joining Us!!!

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